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Welcome to Paradiso Santa Fe

The Paradiso is one of Santa Fe’s most elegant lounges and performance spaces, and one of Santa Fe’s biggest dance floors.   With ongoing musical, cultural and educational event offerings, we also offer a unique bar serving non-alcoholic beverages – mocktails and herbal aphrodisiacs and botanicals which offer enhancing and beneficial mood or body lifts.  

With its colorful and intimate environment, unique semicircular stage and grand piano, ambient lighting and projection screen, and an herbal beverage bar not to be found anywhere else, Paradiso provides an ultimate in unique experiences, a true destination here in Santa Fe, minutes from downtown and blocks from the Railyard.


Upcoming Events

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About Paradiso Santa Fe

The vision of Lyra Barron, she was helped in realizing this dream by Kosta Becker, who donated his time to help Lyra create the stage in the shape of the flower of life.  Her son Devan Barron has also been instrumental in its transformation with his tireless efforts, as well as her son Jaum who purchased the building with her back in 2017.  Many others have helped to develop its vision, including Dwight Loop, who brought many of the original performances that helped put us on the map. Both Kosta and Dwight are no longer with us here on the earthly plane, but will always remain a part. Great thanks to all those who have helped make this dream a reality.

Now with major remodeling and upgrades of all kinds, the Paradiso is happily reopening better than ever to serve Santa Fe as a space for events of all kinds, with a focus on music, dance, and performance, but is also available for workshops, classes, talks, films, comedy, and we’re open to all ideas.

With a concert grand piano on site, and full sound and lighting, we offer an array of live concerts and DJ dance nights, and offer nonalcoholic beverages from our unique bar, including mocktails, herbal aphrodisiacs and botanicals that uplift body, mind and spirit from the bar.
See our Events with advance ticket sales online.  With a maximum capacity of 100, we urge you to join our membership by providing your email address to be among the first notified of upcoming events.

Private Santa Fe Venue Rental Available

Our beautiful venue is available for rental. See Details on our Rentals Page.

Paradiso sitting area
Paradiso stage and dance floor
Paradiso Bar Area
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