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Santa Fe Venue Rental

The Paradiso is meant to serve our community, and is open for rental when available, whether events be cultural, educational, inspirational or health related. This includes for private events or parties, performances or CD release parties, etc. and rates (and possibly splits) can bediscussed on a per event basis, so please contact us.


A grand piano, jazz drum kit, and sound, lighting and video/image projection can be provided, as well as email and social media promotion, online ticket sales, and mocktails and botanicals from the bar (non-alcoholic). Price to be negotiated depending on services requested.

If you are interested in providing classes or workshops during the day when it is not in use for performances, please contact us with your vision of what you’d like to offer and see happen, and what you’d need to make that happen. Then we can discuss and see if it’s a fit and something we can help make happen. These could include one time events, or possibly ongoing classes. We can discuss a reasonable fee for its use and what would be needed from us to
facilitate. It may also be provided for non-profit use if we feel it is a good fit, and you can call to discuss.

We do offer ample parking, with a large lot surrounding the Paradiso, as well as overflow parking available next door at the sister business, Fruit of the Earth Natural Heath, 903 Early St,as well as parking on the street.

The colorful Paradiso Logo
Beatiful Paradiso Santa Fe stage with bamboo dance floor
Paradiso Santa Fe bar area
Paradiso Santa Fe lounge area
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